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The Keys to the Kingdom

You Have the Keys.
Bible in One Year for Day 23
Nicky G begins by recounting Sully’s successful emergency landing in the Hudson River, for which he was give the keys to the city of New York. We, as Christians, have been give the keys by Jesus the key holder. “Jesus has brought about a far greater salvation than any other person could achieve. The authority he holds is also the greatest there could ever be – he holds the keys of life and death.”
“Amazingly, Jesus gives to Peter and the church (that is, to us) ‘the keys of the kingdom’ (Matthew 16:19). Many Christians feel powerless, lacking in any kind of spiritual authority. They do not seem to realise what Jesus has given to them. You are not powerless. You have the immense privilege of having been given ‘the keys of the kingdom’.”

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