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We may not always find time to meet for coffee, but we can nevertheless share our thoughts and feelings here. Mindful, of course, that anything we write is monitored by the CIA, the NSA, and, on Thursdays and Sundays, by CSIS. Nevertheless, let me be one of the first to take a step on the Pilgrim’s way. BTW, my computer consulting company is Pilgrim Computer Resources, because I recognized long ago that as we enter the digital age, we are all pilgrims in a new sense. I would also highly recommend Eugene Peterson’s book Travelling Light, where he discusses the freedom that we have in Christ in this pilgrimage.

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This site is meant to honour my father, John Martin Buck, who taught me what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I plan to place his prayers and sermons here so that others may get a sense of this faithful pilgrim’s progress while he walked this earth. It is also a venue where others, including myself, can share their experiences on the pilgrims’ walk. – Register your domains for $12.88 CDN.
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